Brutal Gang Attacking 100s Of Elderly Women Caught

( – The following report out of California from the San José Police Department is a stark reminder of just how brutal – animalistic, really – many of the thugs who roam the streets of the United States of America can be in their violent attacks on innocent Americans.

According to San José Police Department (you can watch the video below):

“In the fall of 2021, the San José Police Department’s Robbery Unit concluded a yearlong, multi-jurisdictional investigation involving a prolific robbery crew that targeted victims of Asian descent — Asian females were frequently the targeted victims and many were injured during the robberies.

“Robbery Unit detectives worked to identify and arrest six suspects, who worked in concert between October 2020 and September 2021 to commit over 70 incidents of robbery, burglary, and theft...

“San José Chief of Police Anthony Mata said, ‘I want to thank all of our Department members, as well as the outside agencies, who assisted with this long and complex investigation. Thanks to their hard work, there are six less predators targeting members of our community. We are sensitive to the hate aspect targeting Asian females. I commend District Attorney Jeff Rosen for pursuing hate crime enhancements. We have tenacious investigators, and a dedicated apprehension team that was tasked with bringing these suspects to justice.'” [emphasis added]

Please watch the video below and then share your reaction by emailing [email protected]. In your opinion, what should happen to these thug animals who were brutally attacking hundreds of women?

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