Bye-Bye Nancy Pelosi??

Nancy Pelosi

( – US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi may resign if the GOP retakes the House in Tuesday’s midterm election, and a secret Democrat race for her congressional seat is already underway, according to a report.

Pelosi is “widely expected to step down” if the Democrats lose the House, according to a report by Politico.

The report reveals the top two contenders in the “quiet race” for her San Francisco-based seat in the US Congress are her daughter, Christine Pelosi and Scott Wiener, a Democrat state senator in California’s legislature.

Nancy Pelosi has represented California’s 12th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives for the past 35 years, since 1987.

82-year-old Pelosi, presently in her 18th House term, has served as House Speaker since 2019, after a prior two-year stint from 2009-2011.

“[Winning Pelosi’s seat in Congress] can amount to a lifetime tenure representing one of America’s wealthiest and most liberal cities. The scenario has everyone loyal to the speaker… tip-toeing around an impending political drama,” Politico writes.

The report points out that state Sen. Scott Wiener has been appearing at numerous public events on issues such as technology and tech company employment, housing, and addiction.

As these are some of the top political issues in San Francisco, his appearances have fed speculations he may seek to succeed Pelosi if she resigns.

“Nancy Pelosi is so well respected and so well appreciated that no one is looking forward to seeing her leave, and the last thing anybody wants is to be viewed as making even the littlest insult to the speaker,” Todd David, Wiener’s former political director, is quoted as saying.

“From a pure practical, political point of view, no one wants to offend Nancy Pelosi,” he added.

At the same time, one of Nancy Pelosi’s five children, her long-time Democrat activist daughter Christine Pelosi is also deemed a bidder and the like favorite for her mother’s congressional seat.

“Though she has not publicly commented on the possibility… Christine often acts as a surrogate for her mother and has expressed similar positions to the speaker,” Politico noted.

Christine Pelosi has never been elected to a public office before, but she does have “a long history in the Democrat trenches,” the report stressed.

That includes chairing the women’s caucus of the California Democratic Party and serving as a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Christine Pelosi has also worked for the Clinton administration and as former US Rep. John Tierney’s chief of staff. She has also been a prosecutor in San Francisco.

The report also hints that if she steps down, Nancy Pelosi herself may prefer to endorse her daughter as her successor.

“Given the fact that these positions don’t have term limits, and given the ATM that is San Francisco, this is going to be a brawl. No one is going to leave anything on the field,” commented Democratic consultant Max Szabo.