Can Biden Ever Dig Himself Out Of This Hole?

( – Joe Biden is in a world of political hurt. He knows it. The Democrats know it. The Republicans know it.

Heck, even every five-year-old in America knows it.

In just over a year, Biden has put the Democrat Party on the path to political destruction.

As Breitbart makes note of in “Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Is 36 Percent, Impacting Battleground States“:

“President Biden’s nationwide approval rating is dangerously low at 36 percent, impacting races down-ballot in battleground states, a Monday Civiqs poll revealed.

“While 55 percent disapproved of Biden’s performance, independents are majorly dragging down the president’s polling numbers. Among independents, only 24 percent approved of Biden. Sixty-six percent disapproved.” [emphasis added]


“The lack of support among independents for Biden is impacting battleground states where Republicans hope to defeat Democrats in November.” [emphasis added]

To see the specifics of individual states, click HERE.

Bottom line: Many Republicans will soon be looking at new office space on both the House and Senate side of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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