Cancel Culture Strikes Again

Van Cleve House

( – In a move that will add to the debate about cancel culture and its impact on campuses across the United States of America, Rider University, a private university in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, is changing the name of its Van Cleve Alumni House to the Alumni House because Rider has determined that Benjamin Van Cleve was, like many of his contemporaries in the 1700s, a slave owner.

However, as the original report at The College Fix notes, Benjamin Van Cleve was an officer who led men and fought in the American War of Independence against the British Army to free the American colonies from the tyranny of King George and Great Britain.

Additionally, Van Cleve was a signatory to the United States Constitution, the foundational document that provided the framework to free all slaves in the United States eventually.

Yet, according to a statement issued by Rider University, those accomplishments are not enough to keep his name on the Alumni House.

According to the university administration, “Judged by the standards of his time or ours, Van Cleve’s actions and attitudes have no place in the Rider community.”

What do you think? Should Rider University have submitted to the liberal cancel culture that is sweeping college campuses and removed the name of Benjamin Van Cleve from the Van Cleve Alumni House because, like many of his contemporaries in the 1700s, he owned slaves? Should Rider University have taken into account that Van Cleve fought in the Revolutionary War to free the American colonies from the oppression and tyranny of King George? Should Rider University have considered that Van Cleve signed the U.S. Constitution – the very document that eventually led to the emancipation of all American slaves? Please share your thoughts.

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