Chicago Replaces Failed Mayor With Another Radical Socialist

Brandon Johnson

( – On Tuesday, Chicago elected Brandon Johnson, a left-wing radical activist and teacher union lobbyist, as its next mayor. Johnson will replace failed radical leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The Associated Press declared Johnson the race winner at 9:30 PM, with 99% of precincts reporting.

Johnson secured 51.5% of the votes, which amounted to 284,108, while his opponent, the moderate Democrat Paul Vallas, received 48.6% of the votes, which was 268,115.

At his victory party, Johnson exclaimed, “You know, they said this would never happen.” He addressed those who did not vote for him, saying, “I care about you, I value you. I want to hear from you, I want to work with you, and I’ll be the mayor for you too.”

Johnson stated that his campaign was always about creating a better, safer, stronger Chicago for all its residents.

Johnson considers Chicago a world-class city with great natural beauty and a history of being a leader in the nation. He sees himself as part of a progressive movement that inspires the city and the world. He aims to take this movement to other parts of the United States and show the world what is possible when values are upheld.

Johnson is a Cook County commissioner, a former social studies teacher, and a lobbyist for the Chicago Teachers Union. He is backed by Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Johnson’s campaign centered around promoting racial justice and supporting the working class. He opposes charter schools and has called for increased taxes on large corporations, wealthy residents, and suburbanites visiting the city to fund new social programs. He has promised $1 billion in new spending during his campaign.

Chicago has faced a rising crime problem in recent years, which has led to residents leaving the city and a decline in the downtown area. Crime was a major issue in the mayoral race.

Vallas campaigned as a law-and-order Democrat and called for hiring hundreds of new police officers, while Johnson focused on addressing the root causes of crime, such as underfunded schools, lack of good jobs, unaffordable housing, and insufficient mental health care investments.

Johnson advocated for the “defund the police” movement in 2020 but has since attempted to distance himself from it, as it has become a liability for Democrats. Instead, he prioritizes training and promoting new detectives and hiring more social workers to respond to mental health crises.

During the campaign, Johnson accused Vallas of being too conservative and a Republican in disguise.

Johnson advanced to the runoff election by building a coalition of progressive whites and Hispanics and winning over enough black voters from incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot, who came in third in the primary. In the all-party primary in February, Vallas received the most votes, but Johnson was a surprising second-place finisher, winning around 20% of the vote.

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