Children Allegedly Used In Experiments Orchestrated By Dr. Fauci

Children Allegedly Used In Experiments Orchestrated By Dr. Fauci

( – The media has unearthed yet another troubling story out of the seemingly bottomless pile of dirt on Dr. Anthony Fauci. While the information in this particular exposé isn’t necessarily new, reporters are once again shining a light on the subject.

A recent Gateway Pundit exclusive touched on a 17 year old story claiming that the NIH, which Dr. Fauci directed at the time, ran experiments on young children — orphans, to be more specific. The NIH-funded research took place at Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York, where scientists ran live trials of experimental AIDS treatments and drugs.

Liam Scheff, the investigative journalist who broke the story back in ‘04, reported that the VERA Institute of Justice investigated the questionable studies. The media, including online open-source site Wikipedia, downplayed their findings.

The truth behind their report? Of the 532 children who were involved in the experiments, over 200 died. VERA was never granted access to the children’s medical records, so they were unable to clarify the actual causes of death for each case.

America sets boundaries on experimentation for a reason, but Fauci seems fine with signing off on funding for virtually any project. How deep does the rabbit hole need to go before the medical expert resigns? Or, should the government remove him from his station now?

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