Christian Broadcasters Thriving

( – Just as leftist propaganda outlets are imploding one after another, Christian broadcasters are on the rise, with growing viewership and public trust, as demonstrated during the national Christian media convention over the week.

Christian broadcasters are not only holding their ground but are also forging ahead with innovation, according to a report by The Washington Times points out that

At the same time, mainstream media like CNN and CBS are seeing significant layoffs – as are smaller leftist outlets like Vox and The Intercept.

Earlier this week, Nashville hosted the National Religious Broadcasters’ International Christian Media Convention, the premier gathering for professionals in Christian communications.

Thousands took part in the four-day conference even as the media landscape elsewhere appears bleak.

Among the participants was Pastor Jack Hibbs, who launched the Real Life Network motivated by challenges faced during the pandemic and the broader “cancel culture.”

His digital platform aims to disseminate Christian teachings widely by using modern technology.

Despite facing censorship, Hibbs’ initiative demonstrates resilience and a commitment to sharing faith-based content with a global audience.

Another participant in the convention, Rich Bott, a veteran in Christian broadcasting with family ties to the industry spanning nearly a century, declared his optimism.

He leads the Bott Radio Network with its extensive reach of 120 stations.

Bott stressed that the core Christian message remains a beacon of hope and stability for many,

“There’s a tremendous hunger for the teaching and preaching of God’s Word,” he declared.

He said the shifts in the broader media industry affirm radio’s potential despite a pivot towards digital consumption and the significant investment by George Soros in the radio space.

“What we’ve attempted to do is not get distracted by a lot of different popular trends. We stick with the preaching and teaching of God’s word, faithfully delivered: we broadcast quality Bible teaching ministries,” Bott stated.

Christian broadcasting, through figures like Bott, focuses on delivering content centered around evangelical teachings and perspectives, the report stresses.

The convention in Nashville featured prominent evangelical Christian pastors – including Jack Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Michael Youssef and Greg Laurie.