CNN Sets New Record For Media Hypocrisy

( – Proving there is no more hypocritical mainstream corporate media outlet than CNN, the Cable “News” Network has announced that it is forming a team of reporters to combat “misinformation” in the news.

We can only hope that they will spend at least the first year examining and reporting on the constant flow of lies that spews forth from CNN, but we’re not going to hold our breath.

According to Breitbart:

“CNN is being ridiculed online following the left-wing news network’s new job postings seeking “reality” reporters and an accompanying editor to help combat what it deems “misinformation,” with many noting the hypocrisy of the network having been accused itself of misinformation on many occasions.

“In the job listing for the “misinformation” team in New York City, CNN Digital states it is seeking “reality” reporters and an editor to help run a “new team covering misinformation,” which the network is starting…

“The position entails covering the “distortions” of reality and those behind them and includes “vaccine refusal” and what it deems “extremism” and “insurrection.” [emphasis added]

As we stated at the outset, if CNN wants to find “distortions” and “misinformation,” the new unit of reporters will never need to leave CNN’s headquarters.

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