Congressman: Biden’s Student Loan Plan Illegal

Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden’s decision to order partial cancelation of student loan debt may be illegal because the US Congress didn’t approve funds for its implementation, a Republican US House member has warned.

A warning by Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio came after last week Biden announced a plan to forgive $10,000 or $20,000 in student loans per person depending on whether that person makes more or less than $125,000 per year.

His student loan forgiveness scheme has been criticized for hurting Americans without college degrees financially while favoring college-educated, upper-class individuals.

“We’ve told our caseworkers to just reply to people, [when they ask] how we sign up for the free $10,000, and we say, well, don’t get ahead of yourselves,” Davidson told Newsmax.

“We don’t think it’s actually legal. I think the courts will strike it down,” added the GOP US Representative from Ohio who serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

He compared the student loan forgiveness plan to Biden’s two attempts to extend an eviction moratorium, both of which were struck down by the courts.

Davidson argued that in both cases, the President was possibly aware that he doesn’t have “the legal or constitutional authority” to make such policy decisions.

“It’s just going to dump more fuel on Biden’s inflation bonfire,” the Ohio Republican stated, as described Biden’s student loan plan as “foolish.”

He emphasized that the scheme would hurt Americans who joined the US military for educational benefits or who lived frugally to pay off their college debt.

“[People] scrimped and saved and ate grilled cheese and ramen so they wouldn’t go deeper in debt, and they paid off their debt … what a horrible example for people to just say more free stuff for more people from the government, and it benefits a select few at the expense of the country,” Davidson argued.

He admitted that Congress could decide to regulate the cost of college education but blasted such a potential outcome as a “horrible path for our country to go down.”

“We could have a controlled economy, and I think that’s what a lot of Democrats are pushing for, and frankly, even some big government Republicans. To compete with China, people are saying we should be more like China. We should have more central planning and more power for the central government, all from DC,” the Ohio Republican elaborated.

He emphasized, however, that America is the “world’s land of opportunity” for no other reason than the freedom in its free markets.

“We have the best markets for goods, services, capital intellectual property, you name it, and we’ve done that, with the healthy measure of freedom and not price controls,” Davidson declared.