Cops Save Two-Year-Old Child

( – Officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) saved a two-year-old illegal immigrant child after a high-speed car chase near the US-Mexican border.

After managing to stop the vehicle, the Texas DPS troopers arrested the reckless driver and took the illegal immigrants inside the car to the US Border Patrol, Breitbart News reported.

The incident was caught on video, which the Department of Public Safety of Texas released.

It shows how the driver fled from DPS troopers at high speeds and using wet country roads.

The driver can be seen ignoring at least three stop signs and even driving into oncoming traffic.

The high-speed pursuit was started by a Texas DPS trooper who tried to stop the car, a black Mercury Grand Marquis, because of a traffic violation on US Highway 83 near Mission, Texas, revealed Texas DPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez.

Another trooper deployed a tire-deflation device further down the road, but the driver managed to avoid it and keep up his high-speed flight. At times, the violator’s speed reached more than 110 mph.

As he was trying to escape, the vehicle’s driver, who was carrying illegal immigrants, reached a winding dirt road and drove off into the brush.

At that point, the illegal immigrant passengers and the driver fled from the vehicle and hid in the bushes.

A Texas DPS trooper managed to find the driver, who was arrested without further incident. He was identified as Jose Maximo Vierra, a native of Penitas, Texas.

The subsequent search of the area led to the discovery and taking into custody of four illegal immigrants, one of whom was a two-year-old child. The illegal aliens turned out to be citizens of the Central American nation of El Salvador.

The Texas Department of Public Safety video showed the child together with a woman.

All four illegals were turned over to agents of the US Border Patrol.

The reckless driver who tried to flee from the Texas police faces multiple state charges, including “evading arrest, human smuggling, smuggling of persons with the likelihood of causing bodily injury, and human smuggling of a person under the age of 18.”

Texas DPS spokesman Olivarez said the incident was the third case of a high-speed chase of a human smuggler this week, which involved a child.

He added DPS officials and border prosecutors were working to raise child endangerment charges where those were applicable.