Cost of Biden’s Delaware Trips Made Public

Joe Biden

( – Much has been made of the fact that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden travel to one or the other of their two homes in Delaware almost every weekend.

Now the cost of those frequent trips has been made public.

According to “Biden’s Delaware Trips Have Cost Taxpayers $11M” published by Newsmax:

“President Joe Biden’s frequent trips to Delaware cost taxpayers roughly $11 million.

“According to data provided by CBS, Biden has made 57 trips to Delaware, spanning 185 days.

Most of the costs associated with Biden’s trips come from either Air Force One or Marine One, as well as security costs from the Secret Service. According to Knoller, Biden has made 101 flights between the White House or Joint Base Andrews and Delaware, 71 of which involve using Marine One and 30 for Air Force One.” [emphasis added]

Newsmax notes that $11 million is not even close to the actual cost.

“But in total, the $11 million receipt for Biden’s Delaware trips is a significant underestimate since it does not account for many other miscellaneous costs. These include spending for additional helicopters that accompany him, travel to or from military airports before or after an Air Force One flight, and accommodations for staff who attend.” [emphasis added]