Crime Is So Bad They’re Doing THIS?!

( – In response to ongoing issues with copper thefts and electrical box tampering, the City of Oakland decided to replace the traffic lights with stop signs.

CBS San Francisco highlighted that this change was made at the junction of E. 12th Street and 16th Avenue as part of the ongoing theft dilemma.

Residents have not well-received the switch to stop signs, as they view it as a signal of the city’s declining engagement with their needs.

Le’s Auto Body & Engine Repair Tam Le owner expressed his frustrations, noting that the city’s efforts to maintain the traffic lights were short-lived. “The city did try to fix the traffic light at least a few times. But once they fixed it, normally within a week or so, it will go out again.”

The repeated failures are linked to a nearby homeless encampment that extends three blocks. Residents of the encampment have been tapping into the city’s power supply, contributing to the malfunctions at the intersection.

The city’s attempts to secure the electrical boxes with heavy cement blocks proved useless. They were simply moved aside, continuing the cycle of power theft and light outages.

Moreover, this persistent problem has led to broader concerns about safety and the viability of local businesses. After a truck slammed into his shop due to malfunctioning traffic signals, Le voiced a grim outlook for the future of his and other local enterprises.

“Many businesses already closed down on E. 12th St. And I don’t know how long we’re going to be here. Because once they move to our side of the sidewalk, we will be gone,” he lamented.

The changing traffic control measures at E. 12th Street and 16th Avenue are more than just a logistical adjustment; they are a reflection of more profound social and infrastructural challenges facing parts of Oakland today.

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