CRIME: Thugs Loot Store (Video)

( – In a new manifestation of the results of Democrat pro-crime policies, a large group of looters in South Los Angeles violently entered and ransacked an AutoZone store under the cover of darkness.

See a video of the looting in the tweet below!

Authorities are currently conducting an extensive investigation into the case, according to a report by Fox LA.

This event was just one in a series of break-ins that occurred within a close proximity, affecting at least three separate businesses scattered across a four-mile radius.

The police are meticulously piecing together evidence to establish whether there is a link between these criminal incidents.

Particularly hard-hit was an AutoZone store strategically located at the junction of Century Boulevard and Hoover Street, nestled within the Vermont Vista neighborhood of South LA.

The sequence of events leading up to the vandalism began with what was initially reported as a street takeover.

This swiftly escalated into a full-blown store invasion around 4 a.m. on Monday.

Eyewitness video captured at the scene vividly depicts a chaotic scene where vehicles were observed performing stunts such as donuts at the intersection.

Subsequently, a large group of onlookers reportedly shattered the storefront’s glass, forcibly entered the premises, tore through a metal fence, and began looting and causing extensive damage inside the store.

Further footage showed numerous looted items scattered in the vicinity as the perpetrators fled the scene.

The arrival of the police prompted a rapid dispersal of the mob, with one suspect in particular leading the officers on a high-speed chase.

This individual strategically dropped off his accomplices during the pursuit before eventually surrendering to law enforcement officials in the El Segundo area.

Upon inspecting the suspect’s vehicle, authorities discovered an array of stolen goods estimated to be worth approximately $11,000, all of which originated from AutoZone. These items were subsequently reclaimed by the police and returned.

In a related development, approximately a mile and a half from the AutoZone location, a Chinese restaurant situated along Avalon Boulevard suffered a break-in. During this incident, the establishment’s ATM was forcefully accessed and damaged.

A small market on Avalon Boulevard also fell victim to similar criminal activities.

To address this surge in burglaries, teams from both the Los Angeles Police Department and the LA County Sheriff’s Department are collaboratively investigating.

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