Dave Chappelle Releases Big Response To Liberal Attacks

Dave Chappelle Releases Big Response To Liberal Attacks

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, “The Closer,” is still a vortex of controversy, and neither side seems to be giving in to the other. While members of the LGBTQ community protest the show’s streaming on Netflix, Chapelle continues to stand his ground. Even more, the renowned comedian has offered to talk to representatives about the issue.

Chappelle is a controversial character, as many comedians are. But, while he faces backlash against his latest Netflix special, he isn’t attacking the opposition. Instead, he boldly stated that if they wanted to discuss the matter with him, he was more than willing to talk.

The comedian claims the media has falsely accused him of ignoring requests from the LGBTQ community to hold meetings with him. Chappelle’s comments come as Netflix employees staged a walkout in solidarity with the LGBTQ community on October 20. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, initially stood behind Chapelle, citing that the comedian’s comments didn’t cross any boundaries or incite violence. The content officer has since admitted that he’d made a mistake.

A big name in the LGBTQ community, Caitlyn Jenner, having successfully transitioned from a man to a woman, quickly came to Chappelle’s defense. Jenner noted that no one should let anyone silence their right to free speech. The comedian blamed the media for driving the false narrative that Chappelle hates trans people. Jenner believes that Chappelle is right and that “woke” cancel culture is running out of control.

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