‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Opens Up about His Daughter Mandy

Sig Hansen

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Captain Sig Hansen, the star fisherman featured in all 18 seasons of Discovery’s reality show “Deadliest Catch,” has revealed why he didn’t want his grown daughter Mandy to pursue his career.

At the same time, his daughter has made it clear she’s following in his footsteps.

Sig Hansen and Mandy spoke to People Magazine as they headed to Norway for “Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns,” a spinoff of the popular reality show which, since 2005, has followed the captain during Alaskan king and snow crab fishing season.

The report noted that the Hansens come from a long line of Norwegian fishermen as it quoted the famed captain on why he wanted his daughter to keep away from his line of work.

“I did not want her on the boat,” the 56-year-old reality fishing legend declared.

“I’ve lost so many friends … you can’t even comprehend. You’re out there risking your life,” he added.

In a 2019 interview with Fox News, Hansen talked about his family’s Norwegian heritage and conservative, family-oriented values.

“I try to take after my father—Norwegian background and very conservative. The American dream, for us, well, it’s just having a family operation. A small business, but it does well at times… Now I have a grandson, and maybe someday he’ll partake. So it’s this passing down the torch, so to speak, for me has been the dream,” the captain said.

However, his 27-year-old daughter Mandy Hansen, the younger of his two daughters and a mother of one, has now expressed the same desire, even if that meant defying her dad’s wish to keep her safe.

“Fishing is part of my heritage and culture. I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me, including my dad,” Mandy told People Magazine ahead of the spinoff filming in Norway.

“I’m just lucky that I get to spend the time with my dad and see him out there on the field. A lot of people don’t exactly get to do that. And I’m learning from one of the best,” she added.

Mandy Hansen’s daughter is nearly one, and the young mother seems “determined to conquer the male-dominated” fishing industry.

“The fact is that I’m still out there. I’m not on land. I’m at home. I just always try to be the hardest-working person in the room, and that’s the best I can do,” Mandy said.

She emphasized how eager she was to one day see her daughter follow in her and her grandfather’s footsteps.

“I can’t wait to bring her out there. I don’t know about the Bering Sea, but summertime we’re at Cordova, Valdez area, much calmer. I would love to bring her out there with me,” Mandy said.