Deadly Chainsaw Rampage Video Released

( – A newly released police video has for the first time shown to the public a chilling chainsaw assault that occurred in Sparks, Nevada, in 2020, as local prosecutors have determined that the police decision to gun down and kill the dangerous attacker was justified.

A 15-minute video of the chainsaw rampage was released alongside a 42-page report by the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office on the shooting of Ronal Zendejas, 36, of Carson City, back on May 4, 2020.

The video is available below.

In the document, the prosecutors concluded that the police officers acted in accordance with the violent threat.

On the evening of May 4, 2020, around 8:00 p.m., Ronal Adalberto Zendejas walked into Motel 6’s office at 2405 Victorian Avenue, Sparks, Nevada, Breaking 911 reports, citing the report.

He rented a room, but his behavior was noticeably aggressive, and the staff inferred he had been drinking due to his demeanor.

Zendejas acted violently towards the motel’s infrastructure, first by hitting the plexiglass separating the employees from the lobby, followed by the office window.

His aggression didn’t end there; he stormed back into the office later, visibly angrier, and in a shocking turn, re-entered with a running chainsaw. To protect themselves, the general manager went to his attached apartment while the front desk manager hid in the bathroom.

Zendejas didn’t stop; he used the chainsaw to breach the half-door between the lobby and employee area and subsequently entered the employee-only section.

He then approached room number 102, adjacent to the office, and threatened its occupant with the chainsaw. During this confrontation, he damaged the room’s door and handle.

Amid the chaos, two emergency calls were made at about 8:08 p.m., prompting a response from the Sparks Police Department (SPD). Officers Thomas Radley and Adrian Berumen were first on the scene.

Despite the officers being in full uniform, identifying themselves, and issuing clear orders, Zendejas chose to escape by car. He ended up crashing into a car wash’s wall.

As Zendejas continued his erratic escape, driving away from the car wash, Officers Radley and Berumen fired their weapons at him.

The chase culminated when Zendejas crashed his car into a wall by a smoke shop. When more officers reached the spot, they extracted Zendejas from his vehicle. Tragically, Zendejas didn’t make it, and later autopsy results indicated multiple gunshot wounds as the cause of death.