Death by Firing Squad, Electric Chair Ruled Unconstitutional?!?

Electric Chair

( – With a decision that is sure to delay if not prevent justice for more than one killer, a South Carolina judge has ruled that death by firing squad or electric chair in death penalty cases is unconstitutional.

As the conservative Washington Times is reporting in “Death by firing squad, electric chair ruled unconstitutional by S.C. judge“:

“A South Carolina judge ruled Tuesday that the state’s use of the electric chair and firing squads to carry out death penalty executions were unconstitutional.

“Both methods, which were brought back by legislation in 2021, violated the state constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, according to Circuit Judge Jocelyn Newman’s ruling, multiple outlets reported.” [emphasis added]

Judge Newman writes in her published opinion:

“In 2021, South Carolina turned back the clock and became the only state in the country in which a person may be forced into the electric chair if he refuses to elect how he will die. In doing so, the General Assembly ignored advances in scientific research and evolving standards of humanity and decency.” [emphasis added]

According to Judge Newman, the use of firing squads and electric chairs amounts to “torture” because death might not be immediate and could cause pain.

What is your opinion about the judge’s ruling that death by firing squad or electric chair in death penalty cases is unconstitutional, amounts to torture, and could cause pain? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.