DefSec’s Medical Condition Revealed

( – After much initial uncertainty about the condition of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin over reports that he had once again been hospitalized, doctors have now revealed that he has been treated for a bladder problem and now seems to be recovering well.

Austin’s bladder condition necessitated his urgent admission to a critical care unit at a Maryland hospital on Sunday, according to statements from the Biden administration’s medical team on Monday, cited by The Daily Wire.

Officials from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center have offered an update on Austin’s health status.

The Pentagon announced that Austin has delegated his responsibilities to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks while he is recovering from this new health issue following his treatment for prostate cancer over New Year’s.

“Austin underwent non-surgical procedures under general anesthesia to address his bladder issue. We anticipate a successful recovery and will closely monitor him overnight,” disclosed the medical team treating the defense secretary.

“A prolonged hospital stay is not anticipated. We anticipate the Secretary will be able to resume his normal duties tomorrow. The current bladder issue is not expected to change his anticipated full recovery. His cancer prognosis remains excellent,” the doctors informed further.

In a briefing, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder informed the press that Austin had canceled his planned trip to Brussels for this week, where he was to discuss Russia’s war against Ukraine as well as the state of the US-led NATO alliance.

However, Austin plans to partake in a Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting via video conference on Wednesday.

Austin, 70, has faced criticism after it was revealed he was hospitalized on January 1 due to complications from a prostate cancer treatment and had delegated some duties to a deputy without notifying senior officials in the Biden administration and Congress.

This led to calls for his removal from office by GOP members and former President Donald Trump, especially as details emerged about Austin’s private handling of his cancer diagnosis until the information became public.

This situation prompted multiple investigations and led the White House to new transparency guidelines for when Cabinet secretaries delegate authority.

A hearing before a House committee has been scheduled for February 29.

The Department of Defense has stated that Austin resumed his duties from home following his discharge from the hospital on January 15 and returned to the Pentagon on January 29.

Austin has voiced regret over the management of his cancer diagnosis and hospitalization.