Dem Gov. Pardons 175,000 – SHOCKING Decision

( – In what can only be described as a shocking decision, Maryland’s Democrat Governor Wes Moore, has issued a mass pardon for over 175,000 marijuana convictions.

This act follows Maryland’s legalization of recreational cannabis the previous year, The Hill reports.

“We know that legalization does not turn back the clock on decades of harm that was caused by the war on drugs,” Moore stated during the pardoning ceremony at the State House.

He emphasized that despite the legalization, the harsh realities of past policies remain unchanged: nearly half of all drug arrests in Maryland in the early 2000s were for cannabis-related offenses, and black Marylanders were three times more likely to be arrested for such offenses than their white counterparts prior to legalization.

Furthermore, Moore highlighted the broader implications of these convictions on life opportunities, affecting everything from housing to employment and education.

The governor explained that this pardon is a step towards addressing the racial injustices that have disproportionately affected communities of color in the state, leading to severe family disruptions and societal inequalities.

“We cannot celebrate the benefits of legalization if we do not address the consequences of criminalization,” Moore noted.

He expressed a commitment to continuing efforts to remedy the historical damage, acknowledging that such corrections cannot be achieved overnight.

During the ceremony, Moore shared the personal story of Shiloh Jordan, a Maryland resident who was present at the event.

After dropping out of college, Jordan faced a minor cannabis conviction which resulted in his termination from a job due to the revelation of his criminal record.

However, he has since managed to reconstruct his life and currently contributes to the Baltimore-based Center for Urban Families, assisting others in overcoming similar challenges.

“He spends his time now helping other Marylanders find their way. Shiloh still has a cannabis conviction on his record. Today, that ends,” Moore stated.

Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown also spoke on the significant racial implications of the mass pardoning, criticizing the longstanding racial biases in the enforcement of cannabis laws.

“As a nation, we have taken far too long to correct the injustices of a system that is supposed to be just for all,” Brown remarked.

He pointed out that while the pardon is universal for all who meet its criteria, it symbolizes a particular victory for African Americans and other people of color who have been disproportionately affected by previous drug enforcement policies.

This large-scale pardon in Maryland is part of a broader trend, following a similar initiative in Massachusetts earlier in March, positioning these actions among the most comprehensive pardons related to marijuana convictions in the United States, the report points out.

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