Dem Judge Slams Trump’s Lawyer

Donald Trump

( – In a new episode of the leftist legal repression against Donald Trump, the presiding pro-Democrat judge in the former president’s so-called “hush money” trial blasted Trump’s defense attorney.

The lawyer had implied to the jury that the former president might face imprisonment if found guilty, The New York Post reports.

Justice Juan Merchan of the Manhattan Supreme Court expressed his disapproval directly to Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche.

He criticized Blanche for his conduct, emphasizing that his extensive experience as an attorney and former prosecutor should have precluded such a remark, which he deemed both “outrageous” and “highly inappropriate.”

“The statement was outrageous,” Merchan declared emphatically.

“You know that making a comment like that is highly inappropriate,” he continued, highlighting the judicial principle that jurors are not to consider potential penalties during their deliberations.

“It’s hard for me to imagine that that was accidental,” Merchan concluded, suggesting the statement was possibly deliberate.

During his closing argument, Blanche had attempted to sway the jury by stating, “You cannot send someone to prison based on the words of Michael Cohen.”

This reference to Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen—who is a key figure in the case against the former president—prompted immediate objections from the prosecution.

The judge agreed with the objection, ordering the comment to be expunged from the record.

Nevertheless, the jurors had already been exposed to the remark.

Following this, the jurors were excused for a lunch break.

In their absence, prosecutors vehemently described Blanche’s comment as “a blatant and wholly inappropriate effort to call sympathy for their client.”

Upon the jurors’ return, and the resumption of the trial at 2 p.m., Justice Merchan took the opportunity to address the incident directly with them.

He instructed the jurors, stating, “Blanche’s statement was improper and you must disregard it.”

This instruction was part of the judge’s broader efforts to maintain the integrity of the trial process, ensuring that the jury’s deliberations would be based solely on the evidence presented.

In the “hush-money” trial, Trump is accused of 34 financial crimes by Manhattan’s wokeist Democrat DA Alvin Bragg over a $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels made in 2016, to cover up an affair she allegedly had with the former president a decade earlier.

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