Dem: Let’s Go Brandon = Burning the American Flag

Let's Go, Brandon!

( – In a statement demonstrating how out of touch most Democrats are with hard-working American patriots, a Democrat lawmaker in Tennessee told her Twitter audience of socialists and communists that chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” is the same as “burning the flag.”

As reported by the conservative publication Breitbart, “Replying to another user who referenced the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, Tennessee State Representative Gloria Johnson (D, Knoxville) felt the need to smear chanters as anti-Americans in a tweet, saying, “As a friend said, I think it should be equated with burning the flag, in essence, that’s what they are doing.” [emphasis added by TLPN editor]

Yes, to that Democrat’s way of thinking, “Let’s Go Brandon” = “burning the flag.”

As most every American knows by now, given how popular the chant has become, the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant came to fame after a television reporter misreported that a NASCAR crowd that was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” was actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” for NASCAR Xfinity Series race winner Brandon Brown.

After that, the chant took off and can now be heard at events all over the United States. And, as an aside, no one at those events is burning the American flag as patriots revere the flag.

What do you think about Rep. Gloria Johson equating the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chants that have broken out all across the country with someone burning the flag of the United States of America? In your mind, are those two actions even remotely close to one another? Why or why not?

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