Democrats Hit Roadblock as They Try to Sabotage Ron DeSantis

Democrats Hit Roadblock as They Try to Sabotage Ron DeSantis

( – Governor Ron DeSantis has become the target of Florida Democrats, who hope to unseat the Republican. While there are plenty of candidates to take his place, his opponents are running into other problems.

Sunshine State Democrats looking to take the place of DeSantis are running into yet another obstacle on their path to victory as an additional Democratic candidate has entered the race. Now, while it may seem like a good thing not to put all eggs in one basket, it does prove to be a challenge for the left. With multiple candidates, it’s difficult to focus on and support just one person, reducing their chances of beating the sitting governor.

Senator Annette Taddeo (D-FL) recently entered the race, throwing a wrench into the Democratic machine. Taddeo is late in the race, already putting her behind others and making her path to the governor’s office even more challenging. Not only will the candidates need to compete with each other, but they’ll need to fight for finances. Governor DeSantis’s political committee has twenty times more in the bank than the Democrats challenging him, with $58 million.

The governor’s race is heating up, yet DeSantis doesn’t seem to be feeling any heat. His competition might not be so lucky.

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