Democrats Next Attack on Trump Comes This Week

( – The Democrats won’t leave former President Trump alone. Many political experts believe this next attack will backfire on the Democrats.

The redacted tax returns of former US President Donald Trump will become public on Friday, just weeks after the United States Supreme Court allowed the House of Representatives to obtain them.

The release of Trump’s tax papers was announced on Tuesday by a spokesperson for the House Ways and Means Committee, which last month won the long legal battle to make them public, as cited by Newsmax.

A report by CNN quoted its own House source as saying that Trump’s tax returns would be “placed into the congressional record” during a pro forma session starting at 9 am EST on Friday.

The Democrat-controlled Ways and Means Committee of the US House of Representatives received Trump’s IRS documents under an investigation into the former president’s taxes.

Last week, the committee already put out a report on its findings. Still, according to House lawmakers, it could not release the actual tax documents as they contained “sensitive information,” necessitating redacting before they could be made public.

In its report, the House Ways and Means Committee concluded that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not audit Donald Trump properly during most of his time in office – three out of the four years, thus violating its own rules.

According to Committee Chairman Rep. Richard Neal, a Democrat from Massachusetts, the IRS records on Trump demonstrated that “the presidential audit program failed to work as intended,” as cited by CNN.

Neal noted that the IRS completed an audit of Trump’s taxes only once during his White House term, in 2019, and only after the Democrats inquired into the matter.

The documents the Ways and Means Committee will publish on Friday will include the tax returns Trump filed between 2015 and 2021, including the years he served and ran for President of the United States.

The period includes the years with his “claims of massive annual losses that significantly reduced his tax burden,” the CNN report noted.

“The Democratic pursuit was also tied in part to long-held suspicions about Trump’s taxes after he bucked the norm and refused to release his returns as a candidate and while in office,” it added.

According to Democrats serving on the House Ways and Means Committee, releasing the redacted tax returns is essential for providing context to last week’s report on Trump’s taxes.

In 2016, the future 45th President of the United States became the first presidential candidate in several decades who never made public his tax returns.

The Newsmax report emphasized that the Democrats dominating the House Ways and Means Committee “had only a few weeks” to figure out what to do with Trump’s IRS documents once they won the battle for them at the US Supreme Court.

That is because the new US House of Representatives convening next month will have a Republican majority, which may have refused to release the former president’s tax returns.