Democrats Think WHAT About Israel?!

( – In an alarming trend demonstrating the power of far-left propaganda, a new poll has found the majority of Democrats think US ally Israel has gone too far in its self-defense against the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas after the October 7 massacre.

On October 7, Hamas and its allies invaded Israel and sadistically slaughtered over 1,400 people, including 30 Americans.

The new public opinion survey, conducted by NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist from November 6-9, shows that 56% of Democrats believe Israel’s response to the killing of 1,400 of its citizens was too strong.

This is a 21-point increase from a poll conducted last month, National Review points out in a report.

The report stresses that this shift in opinion is not exclusive to Democrats. National sentiment appears to be increasingly critical of Israel’s actions.

Overall, the percentage of respondents who view Israel’s response as excessive rose from 26% to 38% in a month. Despite this, a majority of Americans, 61%, still support the Israeli cause.

When asked if Israel’s military response to Hamas’s attack was excessive, just right, or insufficient, 38% of Americans in the November poll considered it excessive, another 38% thought it was appropriate, and 17% felt it was too little.

The poll’s results were significantly influenced by younger respondents, who were more likely to view Israel’s response as too aggressive compared to older individuals.

A notable racial divide was also evident, with non-white respondents more likely to consider Israel’s actions as excessive.

Among those who perceive Israel’s response as excessive, there is a correlation with pro-Biden groups, with 59% of Biden voters holding this view.

Regarding sympathies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Democrats were evenly divided, while 79% of Republicans expressed support for Israel.

Generational and racial differences were again prominent, with half of Generation Z and Millennial respondents favoring the Palestinians.

The poll also inquired about the United States’ role in global affairs. Sixty-six percent of Democrats favored maintaining a significant leadership role, while most independents and Republicans preferred focusing more on domestic issues.

These poll results come at a time when the conflict in Gaza and Hamas’s use of al-Shifa Hospital for military purposes are prominent in Western media.

The March for Israel in Washington DC recently drew nearly 300,000 supporters, reflecting widespread American support for Israel.