Did Biden Just Declare War?

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Happening Now: Undoubtedly speaking for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin has made it known today that it is alarmed by the unscripted comment Joe Biden made at the conclusion of his speech in Poland on Saturday.

Diverting from his prepared text, Biden said that Putin “cannot remain in power.” Several national security and foreign policy experts warned that Putin and the Kremlin could interpret Biden’s statement as a declaration of war.

As the conservative New York Post notes in, “Kremlin decries ‘alarming’ Biden remark that Putin ‘cannot remain in power‘”:

“The Kremlin said Monday that President Biden’s remark during a weekend speech in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ was a cause for alarm.

“‘This is a statement that is certainly alarming,’ Moscow mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov said. ‘We will keep a close eye on the US president’s statements, we will take note of them and will continue doing this in the future.’…

“‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,’ Biden ​ad-libbed at the end of his 27-minute speech ​Saturday ​at Warsaw’s Royal Castle.”

The White House and several top Biden officials immediately tried to walk back Biden’s statement, but the damage was already done as far as the Kremlin was concerned.

What is your opinion? Please email [email protected] with your reaction to Biden’s statement. Do you think it was a dangerous blunder, or are you glad he said what he said about Putin?