DISGUSTING: Lib Magazine Celebrates ‘Feticide’ on Thanksgiving

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a shocking and disgusting Thanksgiving article, The Nation magazine has celebrated abortion – the murder of unborn infants – as something to be “thankful” for.

The Thanksgiving essay celebrates having abortions – one or several, while also raging against the past “utter disregard for all Indigenous people,” which “fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today,” as cited by Breitbart News.

The article “We’re Thankful for Our Abortions” was written by Nikiya Natale.

Natale is the deputy director of We Testify, a group created by the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), promoting the stories of women who had abortions.

According to the group’s website, Natale herself has had her “own multiple abortion experiences,” which has driven her work “passion.”

The abortionist author emphasizes women’s “thankfulness” for their abortions and insists they “celebrate their experience.”

At the same time, however, Natale wonders why the United States celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving.

“This year I find myself reflecting… on why our nation celebrates the complicated holiday of Thanksgiving at all,” she writes.

The abortionist then slams the holiday as having been “founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans.”

“[T]he harsh reality is that the utter disregard for all Indigenous people in the 1800s fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today,” argued Natale, who passionately defends and promotes today’s killing of unborn children.

“Black lives are taken by the police and the prison-industrial complex, any sense of LGBTQ+ peace and tranquility has been obliterated by gun violence and hate, and, ultimately, the small promise of abortion access guaranteed by Roe v. Wade was stripped away by an illegitimate Supreme Court,” the abortionist author argues.

“When I look at the state of this nation, the anger piles up, and my gratitude is depleted,” she adds.

Natale does acknowledge that when she and other women encounter “questions and chiding from family members or loved ones who believe that we shouldn’t ‘celebrate’ or be ‘thankful’ for our abortions.”

“But I am thankful for both of my abortions,” she elaborates, adding she has “immense gratitude for” those, particularly in today’s “political climate.”

“Many people who have abortions celebrate their experience,” she writes.

Natale then tells the stories of her colleagues at We Testify, including its Boston-raised operations coordinator Savannah Williams, who is about to celebrate the sixth anniversary of her second abortion.

“I am able to care for myself and live free from anxiety and parts of my life that I have needed to leave behind. I have deep gratitude that I was able to make a decision that was good for me,” Williams says.

In 2021, abortion was the most significant cause of death worldwide. Worldometer shows almost 43 million unborn babies were killed, compared with 8.2 million cancer deaths, 5 million smoking deaths, 1.7 million HIV/AIDS deaths, 1.3 million traffic fatalities, and 1 million suicide deaths.