Disney CEO Advocates for Gun Control Push!?!

Bob Iger

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a move that is certain to anger many Floridians and others around the country who believe gun rights are constitutionally protected, the long-time CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has spoken out in favor of gun control, claiming that people shaping culture are responsible for pushing it upon American society.

Iger, who was Disney CEO from 2005-2020 before returning last month, gave a pro-gun control address at a Sandy Hook Promise Benefit in New York City earlier this week.

The event was also attended by former US President Barack Obama and Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, Breitbart News reported.

“As a grandfather, as a father, as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, I believe there is no greater or more important task than ensuring the safety and well-being of our children,” Iger declared at the benefit.

“Those of us who are in positions to affect change, whether it’s by influencing laws of shaping culture or supporting organizations on the frontlines, I think we have an extra responsibility,” the Disney CEO speculated.

In his address at the event, Barack Obama decried the Democrats’ failure to pass laws restricting Americans’ Second Amendment rights, which gun control activists have demanded.

“Perhaps the most bitter disappointment of my time in office, the closest I came to being cynical, was the utter failure of Congress to respond in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings,” the former Democrat president said.

“To see almost the entire GOP, but also a decent number of Democrats equivocate and hem and haw and filibuster and ultimately bend yet again to pressure from the gun lobby,” he added.

The main gun control proposal under the Obama administration was to adopt universal background checks.

It didn’t get through Congress partly because the Sandy Hook shooter had used stolen firearms, meaning more gun controls at gun-selling venues would not have prevented his shooting spree.

Gunman Adam Lanza killed 26 people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in December 2012. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The New York benefit that featured former President Barack Obama and Disney CEO Bob Iger was held to “honor the work” of Sandy Hook Promise while advocating more gun control measures.

The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation is based in Newtown, Connecticut, where the shooting occurred.

Its stated goals are to “help survivors and families of the victims” of shootings across the United States. It also “trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence.”

Breitbart News points out that Sandy Hook Promise is the group that, in July 2015, received singer Tim McGraw’s concert proceeds as a donation for a gun control fundraiser.

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