Donald Trump Responds to Possibly Unconstitutional Decision by Pelosi’s Commission

Donald Trump

( – President Trump is under investigation over the January 6 incident in which his alleged supporters stormed the US capitol. The committee in charge of the investigation, which Democrats largely lead, decided to request documents regarding President Trump, his presidency and his campaign. The former president had plenty to say about the committee and its decision.

In Trump’s statement, he noted a lawsuit in defense of the presidential office, US Constitution and America’s future. Trump has accused Pelosi’s committee of largely favoring Democrats as well as being a communist attack on the United States, calling the investigation illegitimate.

Trump considers the committee and its actions to be in violation of the Constitution as former presidents have Constitutional Rights of Privilege. Furthermore, some of the documents the commission requested have no legislative purpose. One document shows Florida polling data during Trump’s campaign. What purpose does such information have, and what value would it have in the January 6 investigation?

The former president considers the commission a partisan sham with one goal in mind: to gain political wins for the Democratic party. They appear to disregard the legal process and the Constitution, so what other angle do they have?

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