Dozens of Illegal Aliens Captured Wearing WHAT?

( – US Border Patrol agents caught dozens of illegal aliens wearing identical camouflage clothes in Arizona, some 20 miles inside US territory north of the border with Mexico.

Border guards arrested 38 migrants wearing camouflage in the Tucson Sector of the US-Mexican border.

The bust was made with help from a helicopter aircrew of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency’s Air and Marine Operations (AMO) unit.

The Tucson Sector in eastern and central Arizona covers most of the state’s section from the Southern Border. The bust of the dozens of camouflage-clad illegal immigrants was made close to Arizona’s border with New Mexico.

The group is part of some 33,000 migrants detained in March in the Tucson Sector, Breitbart News reports.

Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin posted a photo showing the camouflage-wearing illegal aliens as Border Patrol agents were apprehending them on Twitter. Some of the BP officers are horse-mounted.

On March 28, the horseback Border Patrol agents located the 38 migrants with the help of an AMO helicopter in Eastern Arizona, about 19 miles north of the border.

In another illegal immigrant bust at the end of March, Tucson Station agents tried to execute a traffic stop on SR-86.

Even though the vehicle stopped, its several occupants fled into the desert. Agents discovered they abandoned a small child on the floor of the truck’s back seat area.

The Border Patrol arrested the driver, who will face criminal charges over the alleged human smuggling incident.

The busts mentioned above were part of the approximately 33,000 migrants caught in the Tucson Sector in March, according to a Border Patrol report by Breitbart Texas.

The figure is a monthly record of the Tucson sector apprehensions during the administration of President Joe Biden.

It marks an increase of about 25% compared with the 27,239 migrants arrested in the sector in March 2022 and a spike of over 30% compared with the 23,556 migrants apprehended in February 2023.

Besides the 33,000 migrants caught, another 16,000 were classified as gotaways in the Tucson Sector in March, according to an unofficial BP report.

That brings the known Tucson Sector border crossers in March to approximately 50,000 migrants – not counting any gotaways who entered the US undetected.