Drug Cartels/Smugglers Making Billions Off Biden’s Border Policies


(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The illegal immigration invasion at the Southern Border, which has been happening on President Joe Biden’s watch because of his open border policy, has boosted the migrant smuggling economy and the profits of Mexican organized crime cartels, a report has revealed.

The cartels’ migrant smuggling activity is now estimated to top $20 billion, and they have raked in profits of no less than $2.6 billion over the past year simply by exercising control over the illegal immigration routes, The Washington Times disclosed.

Its analysis emphasized that both of the above figures have spiked “substantially” under Biden compared with the presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

The reason for that is twofold: many more illegals are flocking to the United States, and the cartels are collecting higher fees from them.

A database of human trafficking cases shows that illegal immigrants from Mexico are paying an average smuggling fee of $8,600 this year, which is an increase of about $2,000 compared with 2019, the last pre-pandemic year.

Illegal migrants from the Central American states of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are paying about $11,500, compared with $7,900 in 2019 and $9,000 in 2020.

At the same time, though, there are regional fluctuations in the human trafficking fees: in some parts of Texas, migrants pay less, while those who go to California cough up more than the average.

“There’s inflationary pressure on the number. Everything else being equal, things are more expensive. Employees, gasoline, logistics — things are more expensive,” commented former Border Patrol chief Ronald Vitiello.

One of the fees paid to the Mexican cartels by almost every single illegal migrant is called “piso,” or “tax,” the so-called “mafia fee.”

It presently stands at $1,300, having grown substantially from the $850 average during the administration of President Donald Trump.

The mafia fee, solely for passing through the cartel-controlled routes to the United States, has generated at least $2.6 billion for organized crime.

The math behind the calculation is simple: the fee is paid by no less than 90% of all migrants. In the past 12 months, the United States has received 2.2 million illegals who were apprehended, plus an estimated half a million gotaways.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has warned that the extra money the Mexican cartels are making now is horrible news for the United States because they invest in getting more fentanyl and smuggling it to the US.

“It’s all the same enterprise.. . The money that they make on the human trafficking, the $10,000 to $12,000 per head, they’re using to either import from China or make fentanyl and push that across the border,” Wolf explained.