Elites Melting Down Over Elon’s Latest Plan

Elon Musk

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – If nothing more comes of Elon Musk’s threatened takeover of Twitter so that he can make it a free speech platform instead of a liberal hideout that kicks conservatives to the curb, it’ll still be a worthwhile move on his part as he has brilliantly exposed the leftist elites who are melting down over the thought of Twitter being a site that doesn’t censor and ban conservatives like former President Donald Trump.

As Breitbart notes in “Twitter’s Blue Checkmark Brigade Freaks Out over Elon Musk’s Buyout Plan”:

“Liberals, progressives, and establishment pundits were in meltdown mode this morning after billionaire SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, stated his intention to buy 100 percent of Twitter, transform it into a private company, and restore free speech on the platform.” [emphasis added]

Two illustrative examples:

“Notorious neoconservative warmonger and diehard NeverTrump pundit Max Boot repeated what is likely to be a recurring argument from establishment mouthpieces: that free speech is dangerous to democracy, and that content moderation (censorship) is actually real freedom. In Max Boot’s world, there’s no democracy or freedom unless speech is controlled by a tiny minority of unaccountable elites.

“Progressive author and Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf threatened to quit the platform if Elon Musk took over. “We are the assets of Twitter,” declared the man behind the 260,000-follower account.”

What is your opinion? Do you hope Elon Musk succeeds in taking over Twitter and recreating it as a social media platform that values and promotes free speech? Email your opinion to [email protected]. Thank you.