Epstein Case Snares Billionaire Tech Giant

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The US Virgin Islands issued a subpoena to Elon Musk, the billionaire tech giant and CEO of Tesla and Twitter, as part of its investigation into how investment bank JPMorgan Chase benefitted from sex trafficking by the now-dead Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a lawsuit filed by the territory’s government, JPMorgan Chase enabled and benefitted from Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking of girls and women to his private island in the Virgin Island’s archipelago, where he and others sexually exploited them, CNBC reports.

The Virgin Islands’ subpoena to Elon Musk was revealed by a court filing on Monday, showing the territory is trying to obtain documents for its lawsuit against the investment bank.

According to the filing, the subpoena was issued on April 28, based on a suspicion that Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in a New York prison in 2019, Epstein “may have referred or attempted to refer” Musk as a client to JPMorgan Chase.

The court papers reveal the Virgin Islands failed to serve Musk with the subpoena, which is why the US territory is now asking Manhattan-based federal Judge Jed Rakoff to permit it to serve the subpoena to Musk with Tesla’s registered agent.

The subpoena demands Musk provide any documents containing communication between him, JPMorgan, and Epstein.

It also seeks “all Documents reflecting or regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and/or his procurement of girls or women for consensual sex.”

The investment bank denies the accusations of the Virgin Islands government, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is due for a deposition as of May 26.

The Virgin Islands’ lawsuit is mirrored in a separate pending civil lawsuit filed in a Manhattan federal court by a woman claiming Epstein sexually abused her.

“Upon information and belief, Elon Musk — the CEO of Tesla, Inc., among other companies — is a high-net-worth individual who Epstein may have referred or attempted to refer to JPMorgan,” the court documents say.

They added the Virgin Islands had hired an investigative firm to try to find Musk and also talked to one of his attorneys.

In past federal cases, the lawyer in question waived the requirement of him being personally served with legal documents.

“The Government contacted Mr. Musk’s counsel via email to ask if he would be authorized to accept service on Mr. Musk’s behalf in this matter but did not receive a response confirming or denying his authority,” the filing revealed.

The report notes a court filing from May 4, which has revealed that the Virgin Islands government also issued a documents subpoena for Larry Page, the Google co-founder. However, it failed at finding and serving Page, too.

Previously, the US territory also issued similar subpoenas to the other Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, former Disney executive Michael Ovitz, Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker and billionaire real estate investor Mort Zuckerman.

In 2018, Epstein told a New York Times writer that he had advised Musk over a Securities and Exchange Commission probe.

“It is incorrect to say that Epstein ever advised Elon on anything,” Tesla said when asked about the matter.

Epstein had predicted “everyone at Tesla would deny talking to him or being his friend.”