Ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Running For Mayor

Ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Running For Mayor

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – “America’s toughest sheriff,” Joe Arpaio, is broadening his career less than a year after receiving a full pardon from former President Donald Trump. This time, he isn’t going into another area of law enforcement — he’s trying his hand at politics instead.

The former Maricopa County sheriff wasn’t shy about sharing his opinion during his 23 years on the force. This trait often landed him in hot water. In fact, he last took heat in 2017 for disobeying a federal judge. That’s when Trump bailed him out with a pardon.

Now, Arpaio is throwing his hat into the ring by attempting to become mayor of Fountain Hills, Arizona. Only one opponent has shown up so far to face off against the notorious law enforcement expert.

After acquiring the 324 signatures required to become a candidate, the former sheriff immediately headed off for a book signing event in Nogales, Arizona. He used the same opportunity to promote his stringent ideals on illegal immigration.

In an exclusive interview with the Epoch Times, Arpaio declared himself one of the best politicians in history. The former sheriff attributes his future success to his tough nature and dedication to avoiding standard political traps. In his eyes, what makes him the perfect candidate is remarkably simple: he isn’t a career politician in the first place.

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