Far Right Scores Huge Wins

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Far-right parties have achieved unprecedented victories and gains throughout Europe in the 2024 elections for the European Union’s Parliament, with the National Rally winning the vote in France, and leading the country’s liberal centrist president, Emmanual Macron, to schedule an early generation election.

Macron, has sparked controversy by deciding to dissolve parliament and call for unexpected legislative elections following a significant defeat of his allies to Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) in the European Parliament elections, The Guardian reports.

On an evening marked by gains for far-right parties across Europe—though these were not overwhelmingly decisive—the RN secured approximately 32% of the French vote, significantly overshadowing the roughly 15% achieved by Macron’s affiliates, with the Socialists trailing closely at about 14%, according to projections.

Macron, in a national address, declared the scheduling of the national assembly elections’ first round for June 30, with a subsequent round on July 7, thus placing a substantial bet on his political future with three years remaining in his presidency.

He expressed concern over the European parliament elections’ results, which he described as unfavorable for pro-European parties.

Notably, the French president emphasized that the RN, along with other far-right factions, had captured nearly 40% of the national vote.

“I cannot act as if nothing had happened. I have decided to give you the choice … Therefore, I will dissolve the National Assembly tonight,” he said.

He acknowledged the gravity of his decision, labeling it “serious and heavy,” but framed it as “an act of confidence.”

With the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games approaching in less than two months, Macron expressed his trust in the French populace’s ability to make prudent choices for their future.

“This is an essential time for clarification. I have heard your message, your concerns, and I will not leave them unanswered … France needs a clear majority to act in serenity and harmony,” he stated.

However, some critics voiced strong reservations. Raphaël Glucksmann, leading the Socialist party’s list, accused Macron of capitulating to Bardella, characterizing it as a perilous approach to democracy and institutional integrity. He confessed to being utterly dumbfounded.

Similarly, Valérie Pécresse, a prominent figure in the conservative Les Républicains party, criticized the dissolution as hasty, likening it to “playing Russian roulette with the country’s destiny.”

Currently, Macron’s Renaissance party holds 169 seats in the national assembly, while the RN has 88. A majority for the RN in the forthcoming elections could significantly diminish the president’s influence over domestic policies.

While the far-right has made strides in France and elsewhere, their influence is not universally dominant, with mainstream parties likely retaining a majority in the 27-member bloc’s parliament.

In Germany, despite various controversies, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) increased its share of votes, ending second, after the conservative Christian-Democrat Union.

Far-right parties also performed strongly in the EU elections in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.

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