FBI Agents Swarm The Scene Of Union Headquarters In Massive Raid

FBI Agents Swarm The Scene Of Union Headquarters In Massive Raid

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The FBI conducted three separate raids in New York on October 5. Targets included the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) headquarters, the NYPD police union’s office, and the home of NYPD Sergeants Union leader Ed Mullins. Details on what the agency hoped to find are sketchy, leading some to question their motivations.

The FBI has yet to clarify exactly what prompted Tuesday’s search, but did say the triple raid stemmed from an ongoing federal investigation. Mullins resigned from his post the same day.

Local news outlets say they witnessed a squad of agents leaving SBA headquarters with a number of boxes. Officers also allegedly took possession of a hard drive and several other pieces of electronic equipment.

A letter first obtained by NBC News reveals the SBA’s board issued a written message to members sometime on Tuesday asking Mullins to resign. Its leaders say they believe the FBI specifically targeted the now-former president during the raid. While they believe Mullins is innocent until proven guilty, they worry the ongoing investigation will impede the SBA’s daily operations.

Once the public became aware of the raid, the New York Daily News reached out to Mullins’ lawyer, Andrew Quinn. He refused to comment on the matter. Mullins himself couldn’t be reached. Time will tell whether the FBI raid reveals damning evidence of a crime.

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