FBI Slammed Over Trump-Russia Investigation

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The FBI committed “troubling” law and policy violations during its 2016 investigation of Donald Trump and his alleged collusion with Putin’s Russia, Special Counsel John Durham told the US Congress.

In a testimony before the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee, Durham also said there was “bias” among crucial FBI officials towards the then-future president, National Review reports.

His new comments come after, in mid-May, he released a 300-page report concluding that the FBI had no grounds to investigate Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign for “collusion” with Moscow.

The Trump administration appointed him after the previous DOJ special counsel, Robert Mueller, also didn’t find any evidence of collusion.

Durham declared the investigation into Trump, known as “Crossfire Hurricane,” was conducted so inadequately that agency operatives apologized about how the FBI acted.

“I have had any number of FBI agents who I’ve worked with over the years — some of them retired, some of them still in place — who have come to me and apologized for the manner in which that investigation was undertaken. I take that seriously. These are good, hardworking people — the majority of the FBI,” Durham said, as cited by The Daily Caller.

“There were some individuals who clearly expressed a personal bias,” he said in a response to Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), adding others could determine if the anti-Trump bias wasn’t just personal but also political.

Durham revealed one of the Supervisory Special Agents of Crossfire Hurricane “became emotional” when shown a document on the Hillary Clinton campaign’s efforts to promote the Trump-Russia collusion story.

“We showed him the intelligence information. He indicated that he’d never seen it before… The information was kept from him,” the special counsel said.

Meanwhile, in the newest episode of The Drill Down podcast, co-hosts Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers stressed the unequal treatment of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden by the US Justice Department.

Trump was recently slapped with 37 charges over classified documents, while Hunter Biden made a “lenient” deal with the DOJ on tax and gun possession charges.

“This is further evidence of two standards of justice… It’s enormously frightening, and it really depends on if you have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after your name,” Schweizer said.