FDA: Wait 75 YEARS For Truth About Pfizer Jab

FDA Pfizer Data Release Date 2096

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – One of the most often asked questions by those who are vaccine-hesitant when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines is why the vaccine-producing companies, and the federal government under the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration, aren’t making more information and data about the vaccines public.

Certainly a legitimate question.

Americans value and demand transparency. And that is certainly true when it comes to medications and anything else they are advised to introduce into their bodies.

Now comes news that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2096 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to an attorney named Aaron Siri in a substack post headlined “FDA Doubles Down: Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until at Least the Year 2096 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data.”

Siri’s law firm has been trying to force the FDA and Pfizer to release all information and data in a matter of months so that the American public – indeed the world – will have transparency and be in a better position to make decisions about injecting themselves with the vaccine.

But, if the Biden administration has its way, and the federal courts agree, the complete data will not be released for 75 years.

You can read Siri’s entire post by clicking HERE.

What do you think? Email us at [email protected] and share your opinion about Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration attempting to hide the complete information about C19 vaccines until the year 2096 – 75 years from now – instead of demanding that the full information be released immediately. Do you agree or disagree with the FDA’s position? Why or why not? We value your opinions and look forward to your feedback. Thank you, and have a good day.

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