Fighter Jets Scrambled Over Threat

( – 911 emergency phone lines lit up yesterday as a sonic boom startled residents throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

The cause was fighter jets that had been scrambled to intercept a small plane entering the no-fly zone established after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

While there wasn’t an attack on the city, it was still a tragedy in the making.

As Newsmax tells the tale in “Pentagon F-16s Scramble, Release DC Sonic Boom Chasing Wayward Plane“:

“The United States scrambled F-16 fighter jets in a supersonic chase of a light aircraft with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace around Washington D.C. and later crashed into the mountains of Virginia, officials said.

No survivors were found at the crash site, Virginia state police said.

“The jet fighters created a sonic boom over the U.S. capital as they pursued the errant Cessna Citation, officials said, causing consternation among people in the Washington area.” [emphasis added]

Additionally, we know, “The U.S. military attempted to contact the pilot, who was unresponsive until the Cessna crashed near the George Washington National Forest in Virginia, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement.”

Tragically, four people on board the small plane died when it crashed.