Forgetful or Liar? Biden Denies Making Comment He Made Just 3 Days Ago

Joe Biden

( – Has Joe Biden been caught lying to the American people — to the world — once again?

It certainly seems so, but you should decide for yourself.

It all stems from the continuing fallout that has rocked the Biden administration after his speech in Poland last Saturday.

During a recent press availability at the White House, Biden was challenged by several reporters seeking clarification about several controversial statements Biden recently made.

After documenting a contentious back and forth Biden had with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, Breitbart notes in “Joe Biden Defiant When Asked to Clarify Comment on Chemical Weapons: ‘You Gotta Be Silly'”:

“Biden was asked about his other two comments that required clarification from the White House, including a comment to American troops about what they would see when they got to Ukraine and his comment about regime change in Russia.

“‘None of the three occurred, you interpreted the language that way,’ he complained.

“He indicated he believed everyone criticizing him for his comments about Putin was being dishonest.

“‘It’s ridiculous. Nobody believes we’re going to take down… I was talking about taking down Putin,’ he complained. ‘Nobody believes that.'” [emphasis added]

Of course, the reality is that millions of people around the world heard him say what he said during his speech, so millions “believe” it.

What do you believe? Is Joe Biden a liar? Or, is he just forgetful? Please email [email protected] with your opinion about Joe Biden. Thank you, and have a good day.