Former NFL Player: Return ‘Paddle and Prayer’ to Public Schools

( – Former NFL star Jack Brewer has told US lawmakers that mass shootings and other violence in American public schools wouldn’t end until “paddle and prayer” are brought back to boost discipline.

“​​Parents have little or no responsibility for the actions of their children,” Brewer told the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

“If we are serious about addressing gun violence, we need to first get serious about bringing the paddle and prayer back to our public schools,” he added, as cited by Fox News.

The former football player, who runs mentorship and outreach programs for children, spoke during a House hearing on the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in May, which saw the deaths of 19 students and two staff members.

During his testimony, Brewer said he “experienced gun violence firsthand” as a teenager after he testified in the case of a friend of his who had an altercation with “skinheads.”

“I will never forget the trauma I felt from having to serve as a witness in that case. Trauma and fear hardened me. After I was threatened and bullied and harassed by skinheads, I started to carry an illegal pistol at 15 years old,” the former NFL player said.

He told the US lawmakers that difference between him and the “young black boys who are shooting at each other” boiled down “to one word: father.”

“The reason I thought twice about ever using that illegal gun I carried in my pocket is because I had a hard-handed daddy at home that would whoop my butt. I had a fasting and praying mama at home that taught me to fear my father, which art in heaven. And I had a father in the flesh and the father in the spirit,” Brewer declared.

He emphasized research showed 82% of the students or former students committing mass shootings in schools don’t have fathers in their lives.

“Look at what’s happening in our public schools. A lot of our public schools’ kids are reading three and four grade levels below their proficiency. They don’t have dads at home to hold them accountable,” the former NFL star elaborated.

“And so to say that that doesn’t play into why we have so much gun violence in our streets, makes no sense,” he argued.

“We are morally weak as a nation right now. And I think we’ve put that front and center for the American people to see that we have certain people in our government that do not want to stand up for the Word of God. That is called the Antichrist,” Brewer concluded.