Former Top Spook Threatens Senator

( – In a scandalous comment laying bare the moral collapse of the left, a former top US military commander and intelligence chief has declared that an acting US Republican senator should be “removed” “from the human race.”

The comment in question, which targeted first-term US Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), came from retired US Air Force General Michael Hayden, a former head of the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA), Breitbart News reports.

In response to a post on X that said, “Should Tommy Tuberville be removed from his committee? Yes or No?” Hayden asked, “How about the human race?”

The report stresses that Hayden is an adviser to NewsGuard, an organization known for ranking the “reliability” of news outlets.

NewsGuard has been criticized for favoring left-leaning, corporate-backed media — despite their publication of verifiable disinformation without issuing corrections — while scrutinizing right-leaning websites.

As his comment on Senator Tuberville generated backlash, observers quickly pointed out that Hayden had previously endorsed a letter that labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation” and had perpetuated the Russia collusion narrative involving former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“The former Director of CIA, who lied to the world about Hunter’s laptop being Russian disinformation and disgraced himself even before that when, as head of NSA, he pioneered warrantless surveillance in the US — now wants to assassinate a US Senator,” Donald Trump Jr. reacted on X.

“Former CIA Director Michael Hayden calls for the assassination of Sen. Tuberville because the senator is performing desperately needed oversight of the US Military. Hayden, a renowned civil liberties violator, promoted the Biden laptop coverup and the Russia collusion scam,” commented Mollie Hemingway, the Federalist’s editor-in-chief.

Tuberville has been blocking the Senate from confirming approximately 300 senior military officers proposed by the Biden administration in protest against woke Pentagon policies.

However, on Tuesday morning, the retired general neither retreated nor apologized but reframed his remarks as merely a “suggestion” to reclassify Tuberville, not incite violence:

“I was surprised to wake up this morning and discover that many MAGAnuts had lost their minds over my suggestion that “Coach” Tuberville not be considered a member of the human race. I stand by that view. I’m wishing you all a nice day even the intransigent Tommy Tuberville,” Hayden declared.