GOP Enemy Will Soon Be a US Senator?!?

( – A man most patriots despise and see as an enemy, long-time Democrat US House of Representatives member Adam Schiff, is likely to capture the US Senate seat of retiring US Senator from California Dianne Feinstein, according to early polls.

89-year-old Feinstein’s office recently announced she would not run for a seventh US Senate term amid some confusion on the part of the Democrat senator herself, which critics said was indicative of her cognitive decline in recent years.

Two Democrat US House members from California, Schiff included, had stated they would run for Feinstein’s seat even before her office’s announcement, and at least one more was thought to have similar ambitions.

A new poll by The Los Angeles Times and UC Berkeley found that US Rep. Adam Schiff enjoyed the support of 22% of potential Democrat voters to succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein, The Daily Caller reported.

US Rep. Katie Porter came in second with 20%, followed by US Rep. Barbara Lee with 6%, and US Rep. Ro Khanna with 4% support.

The public opinion survey only polled Democrat Party supporters and non-partisan voters.

It found that Schiff was the preferred choice of older and moderate respondents, while Porter did better with younger and more progressivist voters.

Thus, 42% of those over 65 and 27% of voters in the 50-64 age group favored Schiff as the next US Senator from California.

Porter received 17% in the former age category and 27% in the latter. She prevailed over Schiff in the three other age groups – voters aged 18-29, 30-39, and 40-49.

According to the poll, Rep. Katie Porter also got 31% support among strongly liberal voters among California Democrats and independents vs. 20% for Schiff.

Schiff had the edge among moderate voters, with 22% compared with Porter’s 10%. However, somewhat liberal voters were evenly divided between the two US House members.

The report notes that Schiff has been endorsed for Feinstein’s US Senate seat by former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, three former California US Congress members, and more than a dozen state and local legislators.

Schiff has been a member of the US House of Representatives since 2001. Yet, he became widely recognizable by the public after he supported the “Trump – Russia” investigation by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff also allegedly claimed that Mueller would find evidence that Trump colluded with Moscow and has been pushing the fake Steele Dossier, making such inferences.

Transcripts released in 2020 showed Schiff compared the “Russiagate” scandal to Watergate even though numerous intelligence officials told him no evidence of a “Trump – Russia” collusion existed, The Daily Caller pointed out.

US Rep. Adam Schiff was also very active in Trump’s first impeachment over his insistence that Ukraine investigates Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Because of his past actions, in the new US Congress, Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans kicked Schiff out of the House Intelligence Committee.

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