Gun Sales Hit Huge Milestone

( – Gun sales in the United States have surpassed a giant new milestone by registering more than 1 million purchases monthly for the 47th month in a row, according to the latest data announced on the Fourth of July. 

Some 1.1 million background checks were carried out in June for likely firearm purchases and transfers, according to figures from the FBI, the National Shooting Sports Foundation announced. 

Last month, the FBI performed a total of 2.1 million background checks. While more than half were likely for the buying of guns, the rest were for carry and other security permits, The Washington Examiner reports, as cited by Newsmax. 

“June marks the 47th month in a row that has exceeded 1 million adjusted background checks in a single month,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) told the Examiner.

“Happy Independence Day,” declared its spokesman Mark Oliva.

“Americans have another million reasons to celebrate this Independence Day. More than 1.1 million times in June, Americans exercised their Second Amendment rights to lawfully purchase a firearm. That extends the streak to 47 continuous months that background checks for firearm purchases have exceeded a million,” he elaborated.

Oliva added the new milestone was remarkable because it defied the demands of gun control politicians that Americans give up their Second Amendment rights.

“Americans choose differently. They choose, by the millions, to keep and bear arms. They are keeping alive the vision of our Founding Fathers that this would be a nation that celebrates the ethos of a responsibly armed citizenry,” added the shooting sports foundation official.

The NSSF also informed that there were likely over 3.65 million firearm sales in the US during the second quarter of 2023 based on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figures. 

In April, the foundation observed that gun sales were soaring in states whose governments passed measures to crack down on Second Amendment rights.

Thus, according to Oliva, Illinois and Washington have seen a sharp spike in background checks and, respectively, potential firearm purchases after earlier this year, their lawmakers approved prohibitions of what the left calls “assault weapons.”