Gunfire at Championship Parade

( – HAPPENING NOW: Two men were shot and wounded when a gunman opened fire in Denver, Colorado, during the parade for the Denver Nuggets’ first-ever NBA championship title.

At about 12:30 pm, a shooter began firing and hit the two men near 17th Street and Curtis Street, only feet away from the Nuggets’ victory parade route in Denver’s downtown, The New York Post reports quoting the local police.

“This is well after the parade and after the festivities in Civic Center Park. I understand there were people leaving the downtown area when this incident occurred,” Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said.

He added the incident seemed to have been a “targeted” shooting that had nothing to do with the NBA finals and the Nuggets’ title.

“We believe that this was completely unassociated with the parade and subsequent events,” the chief said.

The police have a photo of the suspect at the scene but are yet to identify him.

The two shot men were hospitalized at Denver Health in “serious condition.”

In another incident in the city during Thursday’s celebration, a local police officer got injured after being hit by a firetruck at W. 13th Avenue and Cherokee Street on the parade route. The firetruck was carrying members of the Denver Nuggets team.

Office Justin Dodge, a “highly decorated” veteran, was attempting to protect people in the street after the vehicle made a turn. His leg was caught underneath the truck.

As a result, he suffered a “limb-threatening” injury. A hospital representative said he underwent surgery to save his leg at Denver Health.

Thursday’s shooting during the Nuggets’ championship parade comes three days after another shooting wounded ten people in downtown Denver the night of the title win over the Miami Heat when thousands were celebrating in the streets.

According to the Denver police, an altercation likely caused by a fentanyl drug deal led to the firing of multiple shots into a crowd. The officers found multiple fentanyl bags at the crime scene.

The nine wounded men and one woman didn’t have life-threatening injuries. The police arrested two suspects — Ricardo Vasquez, 22, and Raul Jones, 33.