Haley Slams Trump’s Morality

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a blistering new attack on Donald Trump, his sole remaining GOP presidential nomination competitor, Nikki Haley, has blasted him as “lacking moral clarity” for suggesting he wouldn’t defend European nations from Russia if they don’t spend enough on defense as NATO members.

Trump made a statement on Saturday, asserting his previous stance during his presidency, where he threatened NATO countries with indifference towards Russian encroachments should they not allocate at least 2% of their GDP to military expenditures.

This stance by Trump was met with immediate backlash from Haley, his former ambassador to the UN, among other political figures, National Review reports.

Haley told Politico Playbook that Trump’s remarks were alarmingly irresponsible.

“That should send a chill up everyone’s spine,” she said.

The former South Carolina governor further labeled his comments as “wrong.”

“It’s the kind of comment that makes Joe Biden look clear-headed. This is what makes Joe Biden look sane,” she added.

Further, Haley addressed Trump’s comments about her husband, who is serving in the Horn of Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard.

During a speech over the weekend, the former president wondered about his absence from her campaign events.

Haley highlighted the sacrifices made by military families and criticized Trump for his lack of military service and empathy.

“Military families go through a lot. And the fact that Donald Trump’s never even got near a military uniform, he’s never had that experience, never known what it’s like, goes to show why he continues to call them suckers and losers,” she declared.

Haley also questioned the silence from the Republican Party in defending the military against Trump’s remarks.

“Why is there silence from the Republican Party? Like, where is everybody? … Where are the Republicans in defense of our men and women in uniform that sacrifice for us and protect our country?” she asked.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden condemned Trump over his NATO remarks.

Biden said those were a concession to Putin that would encourage further conflict and aggression towards Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states.

He deemed Trump’s position as both “appalling and dangerous.”

Earlier, NATO’s Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, stated that Trump’s comments posed a risk to both American and European troops and compromised collective security.