Happening Now: Entire Towns Ordered to Evacuate


(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – HAPPENING NOW: Entire towns along the Front Range of Colorado, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, are currently being evacuated as winds gusting to well over 100 miles per hour are pushing multiple fires into business and residential areas at speeds too fast for firefighters to combat.

The fires – too numerous to count at this point – were sparked by powerlines blown down by the hurricane-force winds that have been blowing for hours.

In numerous locations, firefighters are being pulled out so the fires do not overrun them and their equipment.

The majority of the fires are currently burning in Boulder County, Colorado.

Entire shopping malls and business districts are being evacuated – see video below.

A Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant filled with children had to be evacuated – see video below.

The entire town of Superior, Colorado, with over 12,000 people, is currently being evacuated.

The entire town of Louisville, Colorado, is currently being evacuated.

Smoke can be seen from as far away as Denver and beyond to the south and Fort Collins and beyond to the north.

This is a breaking news report, and it will be updated as conditions warrant…

Send any first-person accounts of the fires and prayers for those impacted to [email protected].

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