HAPPENING NOW: Putin Threatens World War


(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Over the past 24 hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a series of statements warning the world that any country that attempts to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop his airforce controlling the skies will be considered to have entered the war.

Many military analysts believe that Putin is announcing World War Three unless he’s allowed to do as he pleases with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Among numerous other outlets, Fox News reports:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that Moscow will view any attempt by other countries to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine as active ‘participation in the armed conflict.’

“‘We hear calls to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine,’ he said, during a meeting with flight attendants from Russian airlines, according to The New York Times.

“‘It is impossible to do from Ukrainian territory — it can only be done from the territory of other states. But any moves in such direction will be seen by us as participation in an armed conflict by the country that will create threats to our servicemen,’ Putin cautioned.

“‘That very second, we will view them as participants of the military conflict, and it would not matter what members they are,’ the Russian president said.” [emphasis added]

But Putin didn’t stop there.

“Putin pledged that the ‘realization’ of demands to do so would ‘bring catastrophic results not only to Europe, but to the whole world‘ and called western sanctions against Russia ‘akin to a declaration of war.'” [emphasis added]

NATO regards the threat as a grave one. NATO has not responded to the request of the Ukrainian president for a no-fly zone above Ukraine.

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