Herschel Walker Fights Back Against ‘October Surprise’

Herschel Walker

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) –  Former college and NFL superstar Herschel Walker, a Republican candidate for the US Senate from Georgia, is fighting back against developments that many call an “October surprise” ahead of the midterm elections.

Walker, an ally of former President Donald Trump, sounded unwavering in a new interview for Breitbart News, rejecting allegations that he forced a former girlfriend to have an abortion.

He revealed that previously he hadn’t even heard the term “October surprise” – that is, a news event that could change the expected course of an upcoming election.

Now that he has learned what the phrase means, he is adamantly defying the narrative targeting him and his strong anti-abortionist stance.

“I never heard of whatever they call ‘October surprises,’ but whatever they’re doing now, as I always say, I move forward,” declared the former football star from the University of Georgia.

The barrage of negative press against Walker started last Monday The Daily Beast, a left-wing outlet, published a story about a woman claiming that in 2009 Walker paid her to abort their child.

The woman, who is also alleged to be the mother of one of the former NFL star’s children, has leaked to mainstream media alleged text messages and other documents to support her claims.

The media firestorm surrounding the GOP US Senate candidate also included his 23-year-old son, who posted videos online denouncing his father and his candidacy.

“Continuing to talk about something of yesterday or trying to bring up something of yesterday … I think it can make things very difficult. I think they’re trying to muddy up the water somewhat, so I think the water is trying to get muddied up some,” Walker said.

At the same time, however, the former Heisman Trophy winner retains a robust fan base in his home state of Georgia regardless of his political stance and the allegations against him.

Several students from the University of Georgia, his alma mater, declared their support for Walker.

Among Walker’s supporters is a University of Georgia senior named Chance, who was asked whether he would vote for the GOP bidder.

“I already did. It’s Herschel Walker. He supports a lot of what I like,” Chance responded.

“I do a lot of reading, and, yeah, he’s clearly got some problems, but as long as he knows what to vote yes or no on,” another student, 18-year-old Nick, commented.

Walker remains “unfazed” and confident that he could unseat Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock.

“Right now, the left is sort of scared because the people are going to vote for me because they know I care. So they’re trying to do everything they can to turn the people against me, but I think the people know who I am. I do what I say, and I say what I do,” Walker declared.