Hillary Clinton Compared Nancy Pelosi to Who?

Hillary Clinton

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – As one pundit said this morning, “I wonder if the Queen rolled over in her casket when she heard this statement come out of Hillary’s mouth.”

What statement?

The statement by Clinton, while appearing on CNN, comparing US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the now deceased Queen Elizabeth.

No, it’s true. Hillary Clinton actually compared Nancy Pelosi to the Queen on a network that broadcasts across the globe.

Here’s what happened.

While speaking with Dana Bash during a Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Clinton said:

“I think Nancy Pelosi is the gutsiest woman in politics right now. She has shown, through all kinds of turmoil and challenge, what it means to — somewhat like the queen to be drawing an analogy here — get up every day, put on those high heels she wears, suit up to fight for the values and ideals that she strongly believes in.” [emphasis added]

Hillary then felt the need to let the audience know how important she is and how close she was to the queen.

“One of my favorite memories is when Bill and I stayed with her and Prince Philip on the Britannia, what used to be the royal yacht, as we commemorated the 50th anniversary of D-Day. So we were in close quarters. The queen mother was there. It was just like being with a family that was having a good time together despite the solemnity of the occasion.” [emphasis added]

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