HUGE: It’s ‘Time To Move On’ (Video)

( – In a surprise move practically marking the end of an era, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stated it was “time to move on,” announcing that he would resign from the GOP leadership in November and likely from the Senate at the end of his term in 2027.

See the video of McConnell’s announcement below!

82-year-old McConnell, the longest-serving Senate leader in American history and a figure of significant influence, made a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday in favor of a transition to “the next generation of leadership.”

“I turned 82 last week, and the end of my contributions are closer than I prefer. I’m filled with heartfelt gratitude and humility for the opportunity,” the Senate Minority Leader said.

“When I got here, I was just happy if anybody remembered my name,” he added, cited by The New York Post, which noted he seemingly referred to President Ronald Reagan calling him “Mitch O’Donnell” by mistake in 1984.

“If you would have told me forty years later that I would stand before you as the longest serving Senate leader in US history, frankly, I would’ve thought you lost your mind,” McConnell said further.

The Post comments that McConnell’s decision underscores a significant ideological shift within the Republican Party, moving from the traditional conservatism and global alliances championed by Reagan to the more isolationist and populist approach of Donald Trump.

Speculation about McConnell’s successor includes Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) and John Barrasso (R-WY), with the latter seen as a potential unifier within the party.

“Barrasso is a good medium: he knows how to wrangle the Senate being in leadership, pull the Trump line when necessary and is fiscally conservative — which is appealing in a time where Americans are struggling under the failure of Bidenomics,” commented one unnamed Republican aide.

The dynamics of the Republican leadership race indicate a period of negotiation and alignment, with various factions seeking to influence the future direction, The Post notes.

“I know the politics within my party at this particular moment in time. I have many faults. Misunderstanding politics is not one of them. That said, I believe more strongly than ever that America’s global leadership is essential to preserving the shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan discussed. For as long as I am drawing breath on this earth I will defend American exceptionalism,” McConnell said.

“I still have enough gas in the tank to thoroughly disappoint my critics and I intend to do so with all the enthusiasm to which they have become accustomed,” he concluded.